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The Art of Cooking Morels buy on amazon
Morels have captured the imagination of America’s cooks: more than any other mushroom, they entice chefs to forage in the wilderness each spring, attempting to find the treasured, honeycombed fungus in its hiding places in the wild.

In The Art of Cooking Morels, Ruth Mossok Johnston brings together more than 80 recipes for this delicacy, suitable for cooking with fresh mushrooms in season or dried year-round. The recipes, accompanied by stunning full-color illustrations, offer options for appetizers, soups, entrées, and side dishes from simple and elegant to exotic and sophisticated, and always mindful of highlighting the delicate morel.
Johnston’s recipes are heart healthy, inventive, and delicious. The author also includes instructions for handling, storing, and preserving morels.

Ruth Mossok Johnston is the owner of Feed Me Heartfully, LLC, a company that specializes in an intergenerational approach to healthy food and a creative healthy lifestyle. She is also an author of cookbooks, a food journalist, and a culinary consultant. Ruth was the Editorial Director for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, heading the division of Family and Consumer Sciences—encompassing all the books on food, nutrition, culinary arts, and interior design. As a freelance journalist, she wrote for Meredith Publishing, Food.Com, the Christian Science Monitor, the American Heart Association, Old House Journal, the Detroit Free Press, and the Jewish News.

David McCall Johnston is an internationally known artist/illustrator. Represented for more than 40 years in New York, he is identified in the book The Illustrator in America 1880—1980 and the companion book The Illustrator in America 1860—2000. Some of his commissions include paintings for the Jules Verne Museum in Nantes, France; the Holocaust Museum; New York University; Steuben Glass; and Mt. Rushmore’s Golden Anniversary; corporate art for Hickory Farms, Earthy Delights, Keeneland, Michigan Apple Growers, Whirlpool Corporation, and Maker’s Mark Distillery; illustrations for many award-winning books; and artwork for private collectors.

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The Buffalo Cookbook: The Low Fat Solution to Eating Red Meat buy on amazon
After my husband David’s heart attack in the late eighties, I became compulsively conscious of what he ate. Fat and cholesterol were as closely monitored as his blood pressure and pulse. Equally concerned about our young son Jordan, who was tested and found to have hereditary high cholesterol, diet and nutrition became my primary focus. After many consultations with hospital dieticians and outside nutritionalists, we were given charts, books, and the clear message, No Red Meat! As a good dietary student frightened by our situation, I diligently followed the dictates of the hospital, making the directives a learning process. We eliminated red meat from our diet and transformed all of the gourmet cooking my family had become accustomed to into healthy and acceptable heart smart cuisine. Challenges always entice me…the bigger the challenges, the more interesting it becomes. We began eating endless quantities of vegetables, fruits, chicken, turkey, and tofu (higher in fat, but still legitimate). Still, we longed for that juicy burger or succulent rare steak. Three years later and tofued into oblivion, David and I were in South Dakota, as David was commissioned to do the painting for Mt. Rushmore’s fiftieth anniversary celebration. Numerous local eateries were serving buffalo burgers and other bison specialities – touting this game as a healthy alternative to beef. The claims were accurate; there was virtually no fat present in the meat. Buffalo/bison became the salvation of our dietary dilemma.