Lobster Lovers Unite…I plan to be the president of the fan club!

My love affair with Lobsters began when I was a child. This highly developed food taste was never guided by parental modeling or instruction, but by generous parental exposure. Joe Mossok, my Midwestern Potato Chip Company Owner father, ate nothing but ground sirloin and a plain steak. Estelle Mossok, my New York City raised mother, who had far more an adventuresome palate, but no particular interest in preparation of anything, knew early on, my experience needed to be different…and that most definitely, was provided. We went for restaurant meals at home in Detroit and of course, out of...

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If you are a Carrot Cake Lover…this one is dense and filled with flavor – especially the additon of herbs to the frosting!

I’m a Carrot Cake Lover – don’t know about you…there is just something comforting for me in this vegetable laden dessert (although I often will eat a small slice for breakfast!). I love a carrot cake with a dense texture – I don’t want it light and fluffy – I want it to be a STATEMENT! I also give my chickens the peelings from the carrots – so they get a special treat too when I make this cake! I initially developed this recipe years ago (no carrots) – it was for a Pie and Cake Company out of Vermont for a book – as I vaguely remember, it was an Oatmeal Caramel type of...

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Grape Leaves…a touch of ethnic deliciousness from different parts of the world – and my love affair with them!

My love affair with Stuffed Grape Leaves stems from childhood. I grew up in Detroit next door to an Armenian family that made Grape Leaves and their family members in the neighborhood, also made them. The Carmen’s were generous in sharing those tasty rolls with us. I should actually say, ME, as I was the only one adventuresome enough to try the Stuffed Leaves….. And the love affair began…the minute I tasted them! 

Since that early Armenian culinary experience, I have had many stuffed grapeleaf influences in my life – Chaldean, Lebanese, and Greek – through many close...

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